5 Easy Car Insurance Discounts To Take Advantage Of To Lower Your Bills

It is always great when you can save on regular bills. Car insurance tends to be one of the bills where you have some control over the cost. There are some easy car insurance discounts you should be able to take care of that will help you lower your insurance costs.   #1 Paperless Discount Most bills are paperless now, so it should be easy to go paperless with your insurance bill as well. Read More 

How To Get Cheaper Insurance For Teen Drivers

Getting affordable auto insurance for a teenage driver can be quite the challenge. Here are some of the things that you can do as a parent to keep insurance costs low. Get Driving School Training One reason that teen's insurance rates are higher is that they don't have any kind of driving record. Since auto insurance companies don't have any information to go off of, it's hard to know whether they are taking a risk by insuring your teen driver or not. Read More 

Protecting Your Powertrain

The powertrain on your automobile is everything. If it goes, then you are in serious trouble. Often, a new car comes with an extended powertrain warranty. Once that warranty ends, you need to consider adding auto component coverage on your car to protect you from powertrain failure. Powertrain Parts The powertrain contains the parts that make your car run. It contains all the engine's "internally lubricated parts," including pistons, bearings, the camshaft, oil pump, rocker arm shafts, and a number of other items. Read More 

The Importance of Car Safety with Car-Insurance Rates

When you're trying to reduce your insurance rates, you may tend to focus on personal factors such as your driving record or your personal credit history. However, the car you drive can have a huge impact on your auto insurance rates as well. Here's what you need to know about getting great car-insurance rates for your vehicle.  How Insurance Companies Evaluate Car Safety If you compare auto-insurance quotes by leaving the demographics consistent and manipulating only the type of vehicle, you may notice something surprising; the insurance rates can vary greatly by make and model. Read More 

Thinking of Moving? 3 Factors That Will Influence Your Auto Insurance Rate

When you begin the process of hunting for a new house, you'll likely be evaluating a long list of factors to help you make up your mind. While you might be aware of how your prospective new home could impact your home insurance rate (for example, a home near the water could increase the rate because of the risk of flooding) you might also consider how factors related to the home could also impact your auto insurance. Read More