5 Easy Car Insurance Discounts To Take Advantage Of To Lower Your Bills

It is always great when you can save on regular bills. Car insurance tends to be one of the bills where you have some control over the cost. There are some easy car insurance discounts you should be able to take care of that will help you lower your insurance costs.


#1 Paperless Discount

Most bills are paperless now, so it should be easy to go paperless with your insurance bill as well. The great thing is that many insurance companies still reward you for choosing to go paperless. The truth is that going paperless with your billing still saves your insurance company money, and they are gracious enough to pass that discount on to you. If you find you typically don't even open your insurance statements because you just look at the information, going paperless can benefit you and save you a few dollars per month.

#2 Full Payment Discount

Another easy discount to take care of is the full payment discount. Most insurance companies charge you a small amount to break your policy into multiple payments. The fees generally are under ten dollars, but a five to ten dollar fee for each payment you make adds up; over a six-month period, that's thirty to sixty dollars you could have saved yourself by paying your entire premium in full.

#3 Multi-Policy Discount

Most people have more than one thing that they need insurance for in their life. If you own a home or even rent, you could combine your homeowners or renter's insurance policies together. When you combine multiple insurance policies together, you get a small discount on both policies.

#4 Multi-Car Discount

Insurance companies understand that owning multiple vehicles can be expensive. That is why when you carry insurance for  all of your vehicles under the same insurance policy, you will be offered a discount on your premium for each vehicle. Multi-car discounts are often a little more generous than the other discounts listed above.

#5 Shopping Online Discount

How you get your coverage matters as well. A newer reward insurance companies have implemented is an online discount for people who start their insurance policy entirely through their online platform, without calling and talking to an agent or seeing an agent in person. Insurance companies have started to offer this discount because starting an insurance policy online saves them labor hours, and they pass that savings onto you.

All the discounts above can be really easy to get. Get up your insurance through the online platform, sign up for paperless billing, pay your premium all at once, and bundle things up when you can. These easy discounts can really help reduce your insurance rates. For more information, contact an auto insurance services company