Secrets To Reducing Your Overall Car Insurance Costs

Whether you're shopping for a new policy, or you've watched your car insurance rates steadily skyrocket, you'll want to take a few steps to reduce your monthly bill. Simply implementing a few secrets is all it takes to reduce your overall auto insurance policy and bring that price down to a figure you can afford. Perhaps you'll even end up with enough savings to take a small vacation. 

Consider the Vehicle

Not all cars are created equal. Some are more prone to theft and others carry a heavier price tag. All of these factors are considered when figuring out your monthly auto insurance rate. It is best to take a good look at the vehicle you want to buy and get an insurance quote before signing on the dotted line. You may want to reduce your regular payments by picking a vehicle that has a great safety record and is lower in price. 

Take a Driver Training Course

Most insurance companies offer a discount if their customers complete a driving training course. This may be for a driver's education class for individuals under the age of 21, or a defensive driving course for people of any age. You may also want to stick with an auto insurance company that rewards safe drivers who have continued to remain accident-free.

Drop Collision 

Collision on any vehicle really drives up your premium. Cars that are purchased using cash are not required to have collision, so it makes sense, especially with an older vehicle, to drop your collision coverage. Just put aside a little money of your own every month so that when the time comes you'll have enough cash to buy a replacement vehicle. 

Use the Same Company for Your Home Owners Insurance

Sticking with one company for both your auto insurance and your home owners insurance is a great way to save money. Not only will you get a discount for going this route, but you'll also find it easier to deal with one institution rather than two.

Take a Low Mileage Discount

How far you drive to work each day factors in to how much you'll pay each month in insurance. If you work from home, or you commute to work with a few coworkers, then you will be eligible for a low mileage discount. Don't forget to let your agent know that you want to apply for this markdown.

Another way to keep costs as low as possible is to pay your bill in full. Some companies will allow you to make installment payments, but each one comes with a fee. Before you know it, you paid $100 to $200 more than what you needed to. Contact a local company, like House-Chilson & Associates, to look at rates in your area.