Make Your Home Safe At Halloween To Prevent An Injury Claim

Halloween is arguably the time at which the most strangers visit your home over the course of a few hours. Even though each of these visits is short, there's always the chance that someone could get injured, that you'll be held liable and that the incident could lead to an increase in your home insurance rate. This is especially a concern because many of the visitors will arrive in the dark, and in an effort to make your yard spooky, you might even have your exterior lights off. Being safety conscious doesn't have to ruin your fun on Halloween. Instead, take these steps to ensure that all visitors to your home will be safe so that you aren't looking at an insurance rate hike.

Ensure There's An Unobstructed Path To Your Door

While you might still want to decorate your yard, make sure that your visitors aren't having to navigate any obstacles on their way to your front door. There should always be a clear walking path between the sidewalk or road and your door -- up the driveway, along your front walkway and up onto your porch. While it's fine to decorate around this area with spooky accessories, make sure that it's clear where people should walk. You might even consider laying strings of light -- orange and white, for example -- along the sides of the path so that it's properly illustrated.

Think Twice About Aggressively Scary Decor

It can be fun to give your visitors a gentle scare, but things that are overly spooky could lead to an injury that ends up affecting your insurance rate. For example, if you're enticed by the idea of sitting on the porch dressed up as a scarecrow and jumping up when kids arrive, keep in mind that one of them could slip and fall off the porch upon getting a fright and receive a serious injury. Even if you decorate heavily, try to avoid decorations that might prompt an instinctive reaction that could result in an injury.

Keep Pets Locked Away

Halloween can be a spooky time for your family pets -- the proliferation of strange noises and the steady arrival of new guests can be stressful, and the last thing that you want is for a pet to react out of fear and bite someone. It's best to ensure that all of your pets are inside and locked in a room away from the front door well before the trick or treaters start to arrive.

To learn more about what you may and may not be liable for if a Halloween visitor is injured on your property, get in touch with a home insurance company like Collins Advantage Insurance Agency.